Migrating accumulations of collective natural and ancestral forces tethered to intense histories and memories, both personal and universal, whilst simultaneously hovering, drifting, and propelling forward more empowering spaces for marginalized communities, including women and bodies of color.

Revealed through landscape, the cosmic, ritual, and imagery, Black Cloud Prism fuses connections between the natural world and the celestial. Fertility, nature, and alchemy become coalesced through hair rituals and by way of various meteorologies surveying the ethereal tenderness, beauty, and power of the sublime landscape. Evolving tension of various collections of matter and particles, unite past, present, and future, meanwhile signifying transformation. Emitting and refracting, the prism reflects and interweaves unity and harmony, while dark atmospheric masses radiate life and energy. Hybrid identity, self, and otherness are explored, while forecasted manifestations summon metamorphosis and growth. Navigation and projection are key to reaching prospective destinies and equity, utilizing the cosmic to help guide us through uncharted lands.

Courtesy of Whitespace Gallery.

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