“Queen of the Field” is a project occurring in midtown Atlanta, as part of a larger creative project hosted by The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts & Sciences, called the Hambidge Creative Hive. For this project, I worked to transform a former, unoccupied sushi restaurant into a gallery and working artist project space. Queen of the Field is a fusion of personal histories and collective experiences, explored through natural dye processes, large scale tapestry weaving, and the collection of found objects. This project is inspired by my two grandmothers, each of whom worked the land, and through harvesting, gathering, fetching, toiling, and making something from nothing, were able to provide for their large families. The project is dedicated to their efforts, and also to all of the ancestral matriarchs, primarily those of color who were born into a life of physical labor of the land. Natural dye workshops and opportunities to weave on a communal tapestry loom were offered at no cost to the community, and there were hours in which the space was open regularly for public interaction and exchange.

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