Wild Chrysalis Bloom embodies a wild self-welcoming that coexists with the recent solar eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses signify a time of radical healing, shadow work, and amplified energy. Venturing into the wild creates tension and chaos as eclipses proclaim revolutionary moments in time. When we choose to love and embrace ourselves and others through deep change and discomfort, we find rest, we transform, we emerge, we extend compassion.

The murky alchemy of grief, loss, and heartbreak yields the bloom: a symbol of hope, enchanting rebirth, and of magnificent revolution. The palm, a representation of finding and holding space applauds rebellious stages of conflict, resilience, and sacrifice. The upheaval of systems of power no longer serving us brings about restorative justice, reclamation of identity, and collective soul transformation as vibrant gardens of self and community are cultivated.

***All photos courtesy of Whitespace Gallery.

Victory Garden, Shedspace, Whitespace Gallery September 2021

Black women athletes and their contributions to the world of social justice, mental health, and politics are the central focus of this installation. Created out of necessity, Victory Garden is a space for International Olympic, (and non-Olympic), Black Womxn in the field of sports to be recognized and rewarded for their talent within a society set up for their failure. Here celebrated and championed are their efforts, their words, their sportsmanship, their fists held high, their coping strategies, their pauses. Here lies a garden space for them to bloom; to be set free, to grow and to blossom, to thrive and to live, to have their actions be cultivated and cherished; to be honored and supported. Sweet victory at last to these champions, these goddesses. 

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