Night Powers at Atlanta Contemporary, 2018

Night Powers is a nightscape environment featuring textile and ceramic representations of a night sky, moon portal, nightclouds, with earth represented by landcover. This installation helps guide our attempts to find ourselves as our primitive ancestors did in the night and the unknown, via the fusion between climate change phenomena such as artificial day and the use of the cosmic by slaves and the earliest inhabitants of earth to help guide them towards freedom.

Night Powers seeks to address these fears and to help us embrace the mysteries of the night, so that given our tarnished histories and tainted present conditions in America as a nation we too might use the cosmic to be led to free and equal futures. This imagined utopia forever blanketed by nightfall allows us to explore lands free from worry, hate, oppression, racism, and discrimination, providing us the opportunity to find our truest and best selves.

mixed media, dimensions variable

*photo credit: Erin Jane Nelson

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